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We deliver both the sophisticated meeting software and the personal expertise you need to design and facilitate effective group collaboration. Whether your group is distributed globally or gathered in a meeting room, we’ll provide you with the ideas, tools and support to fully engage participants in achieving results.
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Our virtual meeting software turns your interactive webinars into collaborative learning events that engage your participants in problem solving, small group work, reflective learning and assessment. Learn the 8 principles of effective webinar design – download our free white paper or ask us about our webinar series Designing Interactive Webinars.

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Having trouble keeping web conference participants engaged? Augment your sessions with interactive collaboration tools that get everyone contributing ideas and analyzing priorities. Find out how FacilitatePro will boost...

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May, 2009

6 Critical Success Factors for Running Powerful Virtual Meetings

Everything that we already know about good facilitation applies to virtual meetings and using web meeting tools. In addition to the normal meeting planning activities there are some particular issues that we need to pay attention to as facilitators of virtual meetings. We can summarize these issues into six critical success factors for getting great results from virtual meetings.

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Our team of professional facilitators and experienced process consultants will help you design and deliver High Performance Meetings (HPM). What's this?

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Compare FacilitatePro to a range of popular collaboration tools. In the end, the key is to blend the right technologies to achieve your objectives...