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facilitate — System Requirements

Easy to Install, Simple to Maintain and Ultra Reliable

“FacilitatePro has minimal system requirements and can be set up to run with little monitoring. All the data is stored in a single file so back-ups are simple. I expect to install upgrades a couple of times a year and that's about it..” — Les Yaw, Luther College

FacilitatePro™ is easy to install and maintain. Installation typically takes 15-30 minutes. The server is designed such that a non-technical facilitator can install the application on a laptop computer for a portable meeting environment, if required. A system administrator would be responsible for a networked server implementation.

Participant and Facilitator access via any standard web browser

FacilitatePro supports most web browsers on just about any hardware and software platform, including Windows, Apple, UNIX, and LINUX.  And, it works seamlessly with most tablets and even can be used with smartphones. There's no need for users to download special applications or plug-ins.

Participant/User SW Requirements

Use your favorite web browser. Access requires no downloads, plug-ins or adjustments to Internet options (such as allowing ActiveX or disabling pop-up windows). Just click and go!

Web Server Software

  • FacilitatePro includes an integrated web server - no additional web server software is required
  • Adjustable IP address and port number combination
  • Does not require a dedicated server computer
  • Firewall compatible
  • SSL encryption is supported with purchase of third-party certificate such as VeriSign
  • FacilitatePro may be run as a service using optional 3rd party software
  • Integrated back-up utility; also supports live back-up as part of scheduled network procedure

Web Server Minimum HW and SW Requirements

  • PC running Windows 2008 R2 / 2012 / 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • 10 GB of free disk space
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 4GB (8GB Recommended)