Season’s Greetings – Last Webinar of the year in our Designing Interactive Webinars Series

Are your teams connected for productivity or wired for distraction?

This free webinar takes a slightly different twist in the ongoing exploration of how to design highly interactive webinars and virtual meetings that keep people engaged. One of the biggest challenges facilitators and trainers face is the effect of participants multi-tasking on the productivity and creativity of the group.  The first reaction is to think about how to STOP participants from multi-tasking so that they will focus on OUR agenda.  But in this age of 24/7 information access and communication, wouldn’t it make more sense to design in productive multi-tasking, for example contributing ideas or responding to questions at the same time as we listen to a presentation?  We call this Multi-tasking On Task. Register now for Friday December 17, our last webinar of the year.



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  1. There are a few seats left! If you want to join in, use the teleconference +1 (605) 475-6006. Access code: 596061 plus our online meeting space at URL:

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